Herniated Disc

Cole Chiropractic Center in Cordova, TN, can get you back on track if you are coping with a disc herniation. Disc herniation can often be extremely painful and should be treated immediately to prevent long-term pain and immobility. Read on to learn more about herniated discs and how we treat them.


Symptoms of Disc Herniation

The symptoms vary depending on the severity of your herniated disc. Some people may notice arm and leg pain. Numbness is another potential symptom. Disc herniation symptoms can also include muscle weakness. If the herniated disc is in your neck, your symptoms may start in your arm and radiate. Again, disc herniation symptoms just depend on where the herniation is located and the level of severity. A self-diagnosis may be misleading as often pain from a disc herniation is experienced elsewhere in the body. Our chiropractor will be able to determine the cause and provide a solution to your pain.

Causes of Disc Herniation

Usually, normal wear and tear is the main cause of disc herniation. This is also known as disc degeneration. Often, the exact cause of a herniated disc is extremely difficult to determine. This condition could be the result of many factors. For example, when you are lifting heavy objects, and you are not using your legs and thigh muscles properly, this can lead to a disc being herniated. Another common cause is a slip-and-fall injury.

Disc Herniation Treatment in Cordova, TN

Cole Chiropractic Center has provided residents of Cordova, TN, with natural and effective herniated disc treatment options for many years. Call us today at (901) 755-5515 for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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